What is climate change? I, like most, hear the term climate change on daily basis, but I don’t necessarily know what it is. How does it worsen natural disasters? How is it responsible for the melting of ice caps? I do not have the answers to these questions. However, I am in an unique position to learn about science of climate change through a class at Emory University. This blog is thus dedicated to learning about climate change and sharing the knowledge I gain over the course of this semester with others like me who wish to learn.

As a lover of the outdoors, I have strong interest in the preservation of nature. I come from Oregon and grew up in forests and on lakes and rivers. However, as I grew up, I began to see how climate change was impacting my home state. Summers have grown increasingly warmer, droughts more frequent, and snow and ice storms have plagued Oregon’s winters. As a result, I cannot currently revisit the state of my childhood because Oregon’s environment has been changing so rapidly over the last decade.

I also have a background in Icelandic studies and have lived and studied abroad in Iceland during several points in my life. Recently, I have become particularly interested in how consumer habits impact some of the more vulnerable areas of the world, including the cold climates in Iceland and Greenland. Like in Oregon, I have seen the impact of climate change in Iceland in the form of warm winters, melting glaciers, and shifting wildlife patterns.

After seeing significant change in these two important places, environmental preservation has become incredibly important to me. I hope this blog can help any reader, as well as myself, better understand climate change and how we can move forward towards a better world.

Thanks for reading,

Stephanie Day-Goodman

This blog is affiliated with ENG 380 at Emory College of Arts and Sciences.